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Jun 22

Fiz-Golf Co2 Club and Ball Cleaner

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Fiz-Golf Co2 Club and Ball Cleaner

Welcome to the featuring the best golf club and ball cleaner to use on the course. It’s powerful co2 spray canister shoots a direct blast of cleaner that instantly turns to foam.

Since most of us don’t have the opportunity to have a caddy clean our clubs, especially after every swing, we typically neglect this process during a round. However each swing puts serious wear and tear on your clubs grooves and ability to make solid contact and get the proper spin.

Even without those key factors, personally when I grab a club that I haven’t used yet during a round and I see that it’s perfectly clean, psychologically I feel better when I swing and it typically ends up in a descent shot. So when we use a club often in a round and it’s full of dirt and grass stains, we don’t typically run back to our bag and take the time to properly clean it , by pulling out soap and water, wire brush and towel every swing.

Makes logical sense to not spend this time due to time constraints and common courtesy for your playing partners and golfers behind you.

HOWEVER…now you can clean your clubs easily after each and every swing quick and effortlessly.

Introducing Fiz Golf Co-2 power spray club, ball and grip cleaner.

Fiz Golf instant club,ball and grip cleaner

Flip the canister over and the built in scrub brush takes over the rest of the heavy cleaning. After you’re done scrubbing, simply take your towel and wipe it clean. Your club will be as clean as new and ready for your next swing.

fiz golf demo image

The Fiz Golf canister is also great for cleaning your golf balls on the go. If you’re like me trying to clean your balls using those on course ball cleaners that you may or may not find on your local course, just never do the job properly.

Especially if you have hard heavy grass stains and scuff marks. Those on course ball cleaners nine times out of ten are just filled with water and maybe a touch of standard soap. However using the Fiz Golf co2 canister, one quick spray covers the entire ball in a super cleaning foam.

You again simply flip the canister over and use the built in scrub brush and wipe clean. The canister is designed for 350 shots of power per unit and will get you through many rounds. The Fiz Golf canister is small and compact and either fits snugly in your golf bag or can be clipped on the outside for easy access.